At Venture Creative, we consider ourselves brand ambassadors, experts in helping you find your voice, show your true colors and stand out from the crowd. Don’t have an established brand? No problem! We are great at sitting down with our clients and helping them carve their brand out of the marble from scratch. Pretty established in your business but looking for an update? We got you covered.

What do you get when you combine 4 middle aged dads from Utah, classical music, popular tunes, and incredible videos? After mixing those together and more you find an absolutely colorful and magical brand of superstars, The Piano Guys. We met The Piano Guys mid-2019 while they were going through an existential crisis of sorts. The band had employed numerous of designers, agencies and creatives and just were not satisfied with their brand look. The group had been together almost 10 years at this point and were suffering with an outdated logo, a shoddy website and less than inspiring graphic design accompanying incredible music and stunning videos. Enter Venture Creative. We were able to develop a brand highlighting the vibrant and optimistic aesthetic of The Piano Guys. A logo refresh, website update and updated merch shelf later, and The Piano Guys have a look that finally matches the group. 

What started as simply graphic design for the group has turned into a full on partnership, providing social media management, email marketing, videography, photography and more for this dynamic and insanely popular group. We were so honored to lend our talents to this phenomenal musical group and look forward to carrying on our partnership with The Piano Guys far into the future. Check out some more of the work we’ve done for The Piano Guys below.