Say Goodbye to Google Business Profile Websites and Hello to Venture Creative

The upcoming changes to Google Business Profile websites are the perfect example of how quickly the digital age is evolving. The upcoming changes highlight the need for quick, strategic action in the marketing landscape. While the disappearance of Google Business Profile websites might sound like bad news to some, it brings a new opportunity for businesses to revamp their online look through a visually appealing, informative website. Let’s explore the future of Google Business Profile websites and how a fresh website can elevate your brand’s presence on the web. 

What’s Changing? 

Google Business Profile websites have been a staple for businesses, offering a basic online presence powered by Business Profile information. However, a significant change is on the horizon. In March 2024, all of these websites will be turned off, redirecting customers to the respective Business Profile instead, with the redirect functionality available until June 10, 2024.
Understanding the Impact

The bad news? Domains ending with and will be removed from the website field on your Business Profile in March. The good news? Your Business Profile won’t be affected otherwise. The recommendation: update your business profile with a fresh, new website. 

Why Choose Venture Creative? 

As a full-service marketing agency, we are aware of the constant changes in the digital world and bring a wealth of experience in creating aesthetically pleasing, informative websites for all industries and businesses of all sizes. Your business profile is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to your potential online presence. Instead of a basic Google Profile site, opt for a dynamic website with high-quality imagery, clean graphics, and a cohesive brand so your business can stand out in the heavily saturated digital scape. 

Websites can be confusing, especially on the back end, and we know that. At Venture Creative, we offer constant support, from choosing your domain to maintaining your website. 


The farewell to Google Business Profile websites marks a turning point in the digital landscape, emphasizing the need for businesses to adapt. Embrace the future changes with a refreshed website to elevate your online presence. With the removal of familiar domains, Venture Creative provides a collaborative approach to developing a dynamic website. Schedule a discovery call to learn how Venture Creative can help your brand make an impression in the digital world.

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