Welcome to the digital age. In this modern era of business, whole companies can be run from a single computer anywhere in the world. Because of this, users expect to interact with you through the web, and not just any website will do. Customers are becoming increasingly aware of quality web experience. Does your site look good? Does it catch the eye? Is it riddled with menu bars, buttons and confusing menus that keep visitors lost in your many pages? The user experience is such an important part of today’s web presence. With mobile users now being more plentiful than desktop users, it is paramount that your website is responsive and works in a mobile format.

Sand Hollow Resort sits on one of the most striking ridges in all of Southern Utah. With a stunning golf course that hugs the cliffs, towering sand mountains across the course and a nearby reservoir of water, it should be a walk in the park to attract guests and show off the natural beauty. When we first got on board with Sand Hollow Resort, the website was there, albeit very messy. The site felt dated, performed poorly and didn’t do the resort justice. We developed a plan that relied on heavy photography and videography to sell the resort, and showcase it all over the website. The new website does a great job at more showing, less telling, and looks better than ever. Check out this site, and others we’ve built, below!

Sand Hollow Resort