website audit.

This audit will be a high-level overview of recommendations for your website. We will provide screenshots of factual changes we recommend, then our recommendations for visual changes based on our experience and current market trends. This will be broken down into the following categories:

User Experience

Website Navigation - 9/10

Navigation works well, all potential places visitors may seek are addressed. When landing on a white top page, navigation bar takes about 5+ seconds to load in the blue background, hiding navigation for just a moment.

Website Footer is well built, breaks out projects categorically and has locations displayed nicely. Recommend making website links (phone and adresses) clickable. Footer copyright is also date by 5 years.

Website Layout - 7/10

Content on screen is well written but overall layout is a little dated and missing some modern trends or more exciting layouts to really promote the projects being showcased.

The project pages work really well design-wise but need more content to help with SEO (addressed in next section)

Mobile responsiveness is working, but some formatting should be addressed to bring it up to date, as mentioned above. Mobile menu text is also really small, should be spaced out enough to click easily at any age.

Website Speed - Average C+

Overall the website did ok on speed tests, without seeing current backend setup, we predict it may have to do with minifying code like javascript and css to help pages load slower, and employing more image compression tools.

PageSpeed Insight

Content Quality & Relevance

Content Clarity & Direction - 6/10

The content presented is clear and to the point, about page is succint, and relevant to the potential audience. The only potential problem is that there is currently no call to action funnel. There are very very pages that contain a “contact us” or “start today” action or section that sends people to the contact page, or collects interested parties. The projects on the project category pages are also very dated, and should be in order of date completed to show progress or relevance. Some project pages also look to have a new format of their page, while others have a dated format.

Technical SEO

On-page SEO - 5/10

Without having access to the backend and being directly plugged in to make more in-depth review or this data, but we show that SEO has dropped on your website recently in the last 2 years significantly. We have recapped that here in this video:

Overall, the content on the page needs to pivot to better give Google the keywords relevant to your business and place you in rankings that make sense for capturing more leads. Your current rankings show the project keywords when it should be built to show your services, relevance, and professionalism to bring the right people in the door and through the funnel.